Produce and Pigs: My Visit to Sport Hill Farm

Nestled among the small rolling hills on Sport Hill Farm Road in Easton is a farm which shares its name: Sport Hill Farm.

Sport Hill Farm is owned and farmed by the very friendly Patti Popp who is passionate about organic food – both farming it and eating it – and spreading the word to others. So much so that SHF welcomes field trips, interns, birthday parties, and offers a Summer Farm Camp for children.

Established in 2001, Sport Hill Farm grows their organic produce “from seed to harvest” using green manure and compost. In fact, it’s all GMO free. If you haven’t made a visit to the farm yet you might have enjoyed come of SHF’s produce on a local restaurant’s menu or bought some from her at a local farmers’ market such as the Westport Farmer’s Market.

The view from Sport Hill Farm

Yesterday I visited Patti to learn more about Sport Hill Farm and some upcoming 2015 programs. “The fields are sleeping right now,” as Patty said to me as she explained the different fields and greenhouses that span across Sport Hill Farm’s property and how this organic farm runs, but that doesn’t mean that Patti is on break, in fact she’s busy planning the 2015 season.

Patti’s planning involves you too! SHF is offering two Home to Harvest CSA programs (Community Sharing Agriculture) also known as crop sharing for the 2015 season and a crop cash program.

Harvest to Home CSA
Harvest Bushel
First week of June – mid-October
Cost is $35/week for the season. $200 deposit is due by February 15th to sign up for the program and the balance is due by April 1st.
Peak season premium organic produce grown on Sport Hill Farm will be selected and hand picked each week by the farmer. Each week you receive a basket of a variety of the best produce available along with a recipe from Patti featuring “Patti’s Produce Pick of the Week.” In addition, you receive a 10% discount off “Patti’s Partner’s Products” purchased at the SHF Market at pickup. You choose the day you will pick up each week for the season: Thursday 2-7pm or Friday 11-6pm. This program is great for families, but if you’re looking for smaller quantities for singles or couples, Patti recommends the Harvest Peck.

Harvest Peck
First week of June – mid-October
Cost is $20/week for the season. $200 deposit is due by February 15th to sign up for the program and the balance is due by April 1st.
The Harvest Peck gives you all the benefits of the Harvest Bushel listed above except in a smaller quantity in your weekly basket.

If either of these options aren’t your thing then there’s another option for you: Crop Cash!

Crop Cash
If you’d like the option of buying the produce in Sport Hill Farm’s Market along with “Patti’s Partner’s Products” then the Crop Cash program is the way to go. A sort of hybridized CSA program, Cash Crop gives you more flexibility to spend in the SHF market when you’d like on what you’d like. There are three options for this program: $90 for $100 in SHF farm credit to spend during the season, or $250 for $275 credit, or $500 for $550 credit.

Visiting the farm and Patti was a fun experience, and meeting the animals made it extra special! The chickens are still busy laying eggs comfortably in their roost (they don’t like to come out in the snow even though Patti shovels their run), but the pigs, well, ran out to greet us!


Aren’t they adorable? The pigs eat an organic diet too and they help to make sure nothing goes to waste at SHF by eating any leftover vegetables.




Sport Hill Farm LLC
596 Sport Hill Farm Road
Easton, CT

Hours: the market is closed until spring.

Contact Patti at for more information, or <a href="http://sign up here for membership to the 2015 CSA (crop sharing) OR here for the Crop Cash program by February 15, 2015.

Parallel Post Teams Up with Girl Scouts of Connecticut to Create an Exclusive Dessert Menu!

When I was a kid we used to go door to door selling these seasonal treats. Sometimes we’d earn a badge or something else – it all depended on how  many boxes you sold – but to me the most important part of cookie season was enjoying some of my favorites with friends and family. Lunchbox trades, after-school snacks, and special memories, such as eating Samoas with my grandfather because they were our favorite flavor, are what I think of when I open a box of Girl Scout cookies. 

Aside from the memories any former or current scout will share, Girl Scout cookies are absolutely delicious and only available for a limited time each year. So whether you buy extra boxes and freeze them to attempt to make them last through the rest of the year, ahem that dark time of year when Girl Scout cookies are not available, or you savor each bite as you eat them all quickly, Girl Scout cookie season is here.

What if I told you that a local Connecticut restaurant was teaming up with Girl Scouts of Connecticut to bring you a unique, limited-time-only dessert menu featuring Girl Scout cookies? Beginning January 29th and running through February 28th, Parallel Post is offering an exclusive dessert menu (in addition to their regular dessert menu) featuring Girl Scout Samoas®, Thin Mints®, Do-Si-Dos®, and Trefoils®. Created by Parallel Post’s Executive Chef Chris Molyneux and Pastry Chef Madelyn Rendon, the dessert menu features “perfect recipes to best accentuate the unmatched sugar, chocolate, caramel, coconut and mint flavorings of select Girl Scout Cookies.”

“We are delighted that Parallel Post has conceptualized our cookies in such an original way,” said Mary Barneby, CEO, Girl Scouts of Connecticut. “We are especially honored for their support in purchasing these cookies from our girls as they continue with this special dessert menu through February. Those dining at Parallel Post will not only get a sweet treat, but will learn more about what the Cookie Program gives girls – the skills she needs to thrive, succeed, and become a young entrepreneur!”

Parallel Post’s exclusive dessert menu featuring Girl Scout cookies will include: a Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake made with Trefoils® Girl Scout Cookies, aTrifle made with Samoas® Girl Scout Cookies, a Banana Cream Pie made with Do-Si-Dos® Girl Scout Cookies, and a Thin Mint Ice Cream Sundae.

Raspberry-infused cheesecake with a Trefoils® crumb crust

Trifle made with Samoas® Girl Scout Cookies, a layered white chocolate custard garnished with Samoas®, whipped cream and a dash of chocolate sauce.

Banana Cream Pie made with Do-Si-Dos® Girl Scout Cookies prepared with a Do-Si-Dos® pie crust topped with vanilla whipped cream and sprinkled with toasted coconut flakes.

Ice Cream Sundae made with Thin Mints® Girl Scout Cookies, a vanilla bean ice cream sundae sprinkled with chopped Thin Mints®.

Don’t they look delicious? I can’t wait to head over to Parallel Post to try my favorite!

What’s your favorite Girl Scout cookie flavor?

Parallel Post
180 Hawley Lane
Trumbull, CT


Breakfast Monday through Friday from 6:30 to 11:00 a.m. and Saturday through Sunday from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Lunch Monday through Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Saturday through Sunday from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Dinner daily from 5:00 to 10:00 p.m.

Photos by Roger Ho-Yen provided courtesy of Rockaway PR.

Brick + Wood: Love Life (And Pizza) = Wine and Food You’ll Love


With 30 wines on tap – that’s right wine lovers, the wine is on tap - a fresh mozzarella and burrata bar, and wood fired, certified Neapolitan pizza, the newly opened Brick + Wood: Love Life (And Pizza) is certainly gaining some much deserved attention and praise.


Can we talk about how much I love Brick + Wood?

Everything we tried during our visit – EVERYTHING – was freshly prepared with a great amount of attention to small details and, quite frankly, it was delicious.

This beautiful balance of an intense attention to detail in even the most seemingly simple dishes with a comfortable atmosphere perfect for not only happy hour with friends or date night, but also a place for the whole family is what makes Brick + Wood just different enough from other pizzerias in the area.

The other thing that makes Brick + Wood different is not only the philosophy behind the food which is right in the restuarant’s name – Love Life (And Pizza)! – but also the unique distinction of being certified by the Associazone Pizzaiuoli Napoletani (APN) that their pizza is officially Neapolitan pizza. The APN, an association formed in Naples by pizza makers to preserve the authentic Neapolitan pizza values, requires a rigorous certification process for any restaurant wishing to serve authentic Neapolitan pizza and very few pizzaiolos in the United States are certified.


Before we tried the pizza we started off in the bar area so we could experience a little of happy hour. The bar side of Brick + Wood offers a few high top tables if you don’t prefer to sit at the bar to enjoy a cocktail ($8-12) or glass of wine-on-tap and some starters or “Neapolitan street food”.

Our first cocktail was the Cider Shooter, a seasonal special. Some other cocktails I tried (you know, for the sake of testing them out to share with you, dear reader) included the Wood Martini, Sangria, a Wine Flight, and finally a dessert cocktail, the Piccola Toffee, but that was with dessert so you’ll have to read on!

The Cider Shooter

Yes, that is a sugar and cinnamon rimmed glass!

Wood Martini
If tart and citrusy cocktails are your preference then the Wood Martini is a perfect choice made with orange vodka, orange juice, lemonchello, and dried cranberries.

The Sangria at Brick + Wood is a game changer for me, meaning that I now have a new favorite! Sangria is predictable at most restaurants, but I was pleasantly surprised by the well-blended flavors in Brick + Wood’s sangria. You can expect to taste the sweetness of the fruit and added simple syrup along with the wine. I should add that the sangria is on tap here too.

The first in the area to offer wine on tap, Brick + Wood has 30 wines to choose from spanning from California to Italy to Spain and beyond. Why wine on tap? As owner Paolo Cavalli explained to us, wine on tap guarantees each glass is fresh and tastes like the first pour. Also, it allows for control over the temperature and oxygenation of the wine. As the menu explains, “These wines are stored in stainless steel kegs and maintained at optimal temperature – reds at 55–60 degrees and whites at 42–46 degrees. In a properly sealed keg where the wine is not exposed to oxygen, even when tapped repeatedly, the last ounce of wine tastes as fresh as the first.”

Wine can be ordered in several different sizes: a 2 oz taste glass ($2.50-5.75), 6 oz glass ($7-12.75), 1/2 carafe (3 glasses) ($15.50-36), or a carafe (6 classes) ($27-62).
With so many wine options it can become a little overwhelming unless you are quite the wine connoisseur and so I’d suggest trying a wine flight so you can sample a few. The wine flight is fun by itself or with some food. We had ours with some starters or Neapolitan “Street Food”!



Neapolitan Street Food

Neapolitan street food is finger foods you might see people eating wrapped in paper or parchment while walking in the streets or piazzas in Naples and the menu includes some favorites: Arancini, Potato Crocchette, Fried Calamari, Panzerroti filled with salamino, and fresh mozzarella, and basil ($4.50-13).

Housemade Crostino


Made with ricotta and caramelized onions on top of little toasted crostinis, the freshness of the creamy ricotta compliments the sweetness of the caramalized onions and the crunch of the crostinis in the House Made Crostinos. What is unique to Brick + Wood is their cheese bar where all the cheese they use in all their dishes is made fresh to order. Freshly made ricotta, or any other cheese we tried while dining at Brick + Wood, takes on a slightly different flavor when it is that fresh and it’s something worth trying. In fact, I would go to Brick + Wood just to try all the different options with the cheese bar (read more below).

Montanara “Pizze Fritte”


Think fried dough meets your favorite pizza sauce and you have the Montanara “Pizze Fritte”. Using homemade dough that has risen for 24 hours and homemade marinara sauce, the “Pizze Fritte” exemplifies the Paolo’s and Clara’s goal to bring Neapolitan street food to Fairfield. I can imagine buying this and strolling through the streets of Naples. You can expect a slightly chewy consistency, however the “Pizze Fritte” is not greasy, and the delicious maranara make this starter a hit.

Loaded Baked Potato Crochette


I didn’t want to stop eating the Loaded Baked Potato Crochette! Bacon, sourcream, chives, mashed potatoes, served with a white bechamel sauce make up this amazing appetizer – what’s not to like? The Crochette is a little on the heavy side as you would expect to feel when eating mashed potatoes, yet it is very delicious.

Arancini (Bacon Jalapeno and Pear Gorgonzola)
Arancini balls are another must-try at Brick + Wood! We sampled two kinds: Bacon Jalapeño made with fontina cheese and served with a jalapeño dipping sauce, and Pear Gorgonzola which is served with a brown sage sauce (butter, brown sugar, and sage).

Pear Gorgonzola

Bacon Jalapeño

Mozzarella and Burrata Bar



Mozzarella, burrata, and more is made throughout the day at Brick + Wood. Hand-pulled right in front of your eyes you can enjoy the freshest cheese in a variety of creative combinations from Caprese to Truffle Burrata ($10-15) and include imported dried and cured meats such as capocollo, mortadella, prosciutto and salami which are thinly sliced to order.

Truffle Burrata

When I dream of cheese (I know I’m not the only one who does!) this Truffle Burrata is now something that pops into my brain. Fresh mozzarella with a cream and truffle filled center comprises the burrata which is further complimented by the slight saltiness of the prosciutto and the texture and flavor of the arugula. Add the crunchy crostini as a base to build upon and this appetizer is rather perfect.

Arugula Salad
The Arugula Salad at Brick + Wood pairs argulua with shaved pears, candied walnuts, maple vingaigrette, and a fried bocconcini (or fried mozzarella ball). The maple vinaigrette adds a slight sweetness that the candied walnuts build upon making this a very interesting and tasty salad.


To owners Paolo and Clara Cavalli their pizza is a “labor of love” and they take the process very seriously. The dough is handmade on the premises and leavened for 24-28 hours before it is hand tossed and cooked in the 900 degree wood-fired oven for about 90 seconds. Aside from the dough, housemade sauce is made with San Marzano tomatoes imported from Italy, fresh basil, and of course, the fresh hand pulled mozzarella all are used when making a pizza at Brick + Wood. An array of toppings can be added from the classic to the more creative.




Margherita pizza is a classic and  I like to use classic dishes and flavors to help me consider how I feel about a pizza establishment (or any restuarant for that matter). The Margherita pizza at Brick + Wood is made with San Marzano tomato sauce, basil, fresh mozzarella, and some evoo and it is quite good. If you’re looking for a classic, or for something simple for the kids, I’d suggest you try this pizza.

Arugula e Proscuitto

For something more creative I’d suggest you try the Arugula e Prosciutto, a white pizza made with fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, shaved parmigiano, and a touch of balsamic glaze. The flavors are on the light side with this pizza and you can even taste the flavor of the dough and the brick oven.

“The Spicy Pizza” Special

For those who like a little spice on their pizza, try the special “The Spicy Pizza” made with bacon, ham, fresh jalapenos, and spicy honey (or if that isn’t available the next closest pizza is the Diavola or Texas Heat with spicy soppressata, garlic, jalapenos, and oregano). The flavors of this pizza outweight the spiciness, so if you’re looking for spicy and flavorful I’d suggest this one, and I’m going to guess the Diavola has a little more spicy heat to it.


Piccola Toffee


The Piccola Toffee cocktail has made my favorites list! Baileys, tito’s vodka, buttershots, and kahlua are combined to creak a cocktail that tastes like you’re drinking toffee! It’s a perfect cocktail to go with some dessert or just on its own if you feel like something sweet to drink.

Bread Pudding

Can we talk about the bread pudding? First, I should say that I am not a fan of bread pudding. It’s usually soggy and too eggy for me, but every once in a while someone makes a bread pudding that makes me like, no love, bread pudding. Clara has succeeded in making me love not just pizza but bread pudding at Brick + Wood. White chocolate and cranberry bread pudding with vanilla sauce and salted pistacios are combined to make this bread pudding which is slightly on the heavy side enabling it to avoid becoming soggy despite the vanilla sauce on top.

S’mores Pizza

Take all the ingredients of a s’more but substitute the graham crackers with dough and bake it in a 900 degree oven and you have the S’mores Pizza at Brick + Wood. This seems like the perfect dessert for the family to share or anyone who feels like a s’more!


Brick + Wood: Love Life (And Pizza)

1275 Post Road, No. 7

Fairfield, CT 06824


Hours: Closed Monday; Lunch: Tues – Sat, 11:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.; Dinner: Tues – Sat, 5 p.m. – Closing; Sunday Dinner: 5 p.m. – Closing

Public parking lot, FREE

Disclaimer: I was invited to this media dinner, however all views and opinions expressed herein are my own.

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Heaven is a Perfect Piece of Pie

A holiday or a special occasion or simply just a Tuesday, any day is perfect for a piece of pie.

If you love pie as much as I do then you know that something as simple as a pie can actually be quite complicated because not everyone gets it right. Yet an excellent piece of pie is heavenly.

We had our family Thanksgiving dinner a little belated this year (when family members work in emergency services sometimes holidays come a little earlier or later than usual because they have to work on holidays) and I was waiting very patiently for a piece of pie.

Turkey and pie equally important to everyone on Thanksgiving, right?

Well, my auntie went to my favorite place in Connecticut to get pie, Oronoque Farms (formerly located in Stratford and now in Shelton). As we put out the pies – Apple crumb, pumpkin, pecan, sugar free apple, coconut custard, and chocolate banana creme pie, quite the show stealer – the family hovered and then dove in. It was really quiet for a few minutes as we all enjoyed some little slices of heaven.

Go get your own slice of heavenly pie:

Oronoque Farms Bakery
188 Leavenworth Road Route 110
Shelton, CT 06484

Sunday Prime Brunch: A Brand NEW Brunch At Washington Prime, SoNo

A small crowd had formed outside the main entrance of Washington Prime in South Norwalk last Sunday ready to try the new brunch menu. Some people lingered near the glass doors and large windows sneaking a peek inside to catch a glimpse of the staff putting finishing touches on the food, while others chatted with one another and lingered on the patio.
The attitude of the crowd perfectly embodies how I feel about brunch – excitement and anticipation paired with a slower pace for a slow and social Sunday spent with a group of friends (maybe even a recuperation from Saturday night).
Brunch is one of my absolute favorite meals – who doesn’t like breakfast foods combined with good company and cocktails? – and I’m always on the lookout for a place to brunch.

Well, dear reader, I’ve found another place for you to enjoy brunch – Washington Prime!

At the request of their patrons, Washington Prime has introduced their brand new brunch menu: Sunday Prime Brunch.
For $29.95 per person the Sunday Prime Buffet includes a complimentary Bloody Mary, Mimosa, or Moscow Mule along with a large selection of food. You can expect to see a salad bar, raw bar, prime rib station, pastry station, yogurt bar, and so much more!

Upon entering the restaurant I immediately noticed how well the brunch itself was setup. The large U-shaped bar allowed for an easy access to the salad, fruit, and yogurt bars, cheese board, and desserts.

Fruit Bar

Salad Bar


Cheese Board

Bagel Bar

Yogurt and Granola
Also, two long tables were set up alongside the bar and offered the more traditional brunch buffet spread: eggs benedict, bacon, sausage, french toast, and the bagel bar.

On the other side of the bar the raw bar, omlette and prime rib stations, and pastry tower were placed, also for easy access.

Raw Bar

Prime Rib Station

Omelette Station

Ready to dig in!

A close up of the Eggs Benedict with a unique twist – it’s over pork belly!

Coffee and…

Pastry Tower and More!
Forget “Pastry Station,” Washington Prime has a Pastry TOWER filled with cookies, croissants, and various danish.

Also, throughout our time at brunch we noticed a selection of desserts which made their way out one by one: pumpkin cheesecake, lemon merengue pie, and individual apple and blueberry cobblers. I wish I had room to try them all!

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Lemon Merengue

Apple and Blueberry Cobblers

Overall the Sunday Prime Brunch at Washington Prime offers a selection of classic brunch food along with some of their own unique items which make this different from others in the area and worth checking out!

Disclaimer: we were invited to this media tasting, however all views and opinions expressed herein are my own.

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Hana Tokyo Brings Hibachi And Sushi To The Brick Walk In Fairfield

Utensils and eggs fly through the air juggled with swift hands. Shrimp is flipped into shirt pockets and a fire shooting volcano made of onion rings rounds out the performance before the meal is cooked.

Have you guessed it yet?

Taking dinner and a show to a whole new level, hibachi chefs perform and amaze diners at communal tables with different tricks as they dice, slice, flip, and toss food into the air and even into diners’ mouths!

Hibachi, or Japanese Steakhouse or Teppanyaki, has become increasingly popular in the U.S. ever since Benihana began it’s restaurant chain in New York City in the 1960s.

The menu is often simple – beef, chicken, shrimp, noodles, rice, and vegetables – but it is the ability to have your food prepared as you wish before your very eyes and the synchronized delivery to each diner’s plate never ceases to amaze.


There is a new hibachi restaurant in Fairfield County that sets itself apart from the others notably for its friendly staff, entertaining hibachi experience, and its food - Hana Tokyo, Hibachi & Sushi Lounge.

Located in The Brick Walk in Fairfield, Hana Tokyo offers a traditional hibachi and sushi menu along with lunch specials and local delivery.




Hana Tokyo offers several dining options to fit your needs, so if you aren’t in the mood for a communal hibachi experience, the bar and lounge area might be just what you’re looking for to enjoy drinks and appetizers. Also, the bar area is slightly elevated from the rest of the restaurant so you can watch the hibachi even if you don’t choose to partake in a hibachi dinner.

Before we sat down together for hibachi we did just that and enjoyed cocktails, chef’s specialty rolls, and sashimi in the bar and lounge area.

With a full bar, Hana Tokyo has many cocktail My favorite is the Scorpion Bowl, a cocktail meant to share with several people because the glass is the size of a bowl!

We tried three Chef’s Specialty Rolls: Rainbow Roll, Magical Roll, and Dynamite Roll.

Rainbow Roll
Inside the Rainbow Roll is crabmeat, avocado and cucumber, and outside is tuna, salmon, and avocado.

Magical Roll
The Magical Roll is made of spicy crunchy tuna, cucumber topped with smoked eel, shrimp, avocado, tobiko, and scallions.

Dynamite Roll
Our final roll of the evening, the Dynamite Roll includes spicy yellowtail and tuna topped with spicy crunchy crabmeat.

The sashimi we tried included tuna, salmon, flounder, yellowtail, and crab.

The Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura is lightly battered and fried, and is served with a homemade tempura sauce. Despite being fried, the tempura was indeed very light and had a slight crunch to it.

After we had our fill of rolls and sashimi we moved to a Teppanyaki table and enjoyed some more shrimp and a clear broth soup.




The hibachi part of our visit to Hana Tokyo was enjoyable for both the experience and the food itself!

We finished the evening with several desserts: Fried Cheesecake, Fried Bananas, and several flavors of ice cream. All were equally delicious, but my favorite was all the different flavors of ice cream such as coconut and green tea.
Fried Cheesecake (left) and Fried Bananas (right).

Coconut, mango, red bean, and green tea ice cream.

Hana Tokyo
1275 Post Road
The Brick Walk Plaza
Fairfield, CT 06824

Disclaimer: I was invited to this dinner, however all opinions expressed herein are my own.

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Get Ready, Greenwich Is Kicking Off Its FIRST Restaurant Week November 12-19!

Attention, Foodies!

Greenwich will be joining the local restaurant week scene with their inaugural restaurant week from November 12-19!

Over 35 restaurants will be offering dining specials throughout the week and to make Greenwich’s restaurant week stand out from others you can expect special events such as wine tastings, corporate dinners, cocktail parties, and menu tastings at participating restaurants.

And if the special events were not enough, Greenwich Restaurant Week, aka GRW, has it’s own mobile app. How cool is that?!

The GRW mobile app (and website) can be used to find out more about participating restaurants and events and even make reservations: “Greenwich Restaurant Week is a great way for all of the restaurants to put their best foot forward during a week where new and old faces will fill their places. We are also very excited to incorporate the retailers who are generously offering a discount to diners to shop at their locations throughout the week. The website and GRW mobile app will be on-going useful tools for people looking for fast information right at their fingertips, with click-to-call, click-for-directions, menus, reservations, online ordering, a daily calendar of events and much more.  Currently there is no mobile app for Greenwich with consolidated information and we are happy to finally be bring that to the table,” said Event Organizer Jen Danzi.



What special events can you expect to see during GRW?

THE OPENING NIGHT KICK-OFF PARTY – On Nov. 12th from 6:30 p.m. until 9 p.m., the kickoff party will be held in the newly renovated Miller Motorcars Ferrari Maserati Showroom at 342 West Putnam Avenue. Tickets can be purchased on the Greenwich Restaurant Week web site for $100 per general admission ticket and $200 per VIP ticket, which includes a private tasting and gift bag. The proceeds will go towards The Transportation Association of Greenwich (TAG), a private not-for-profit organization specializing in transportation services for elderly disabled individuals and transportation for the disadvantaged of all ages.


CELEBRATE GRW AT CHAR – On Nov. 14th, in partnership with media sponsor Greenwich Magazine and Barbara Zaccagnini, celebrate Greenwich Restaurant Week at CHAR Restaurant, located at 2 South Water Street. The celebration will be held from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. The event is by invitation only.


THE JAMES BEARD HOUSE – Chef Rui Correia will be hosting a dinner at The James Beard House, located at 167 W 12th Street in New York City, on Nov. 17th starting at 7 p.m. Following a reception, guests will get to experience a five-course dinner and wine pairing. For reservations, contact The James Beard House at (212) 627 – 2308. Tickets are $170. Save $40 by using the code “majoram” and mention you are a friend of the chef.


DINE. SHOP. SAVE. – During Greenwich Restaurant Week, diners will have the opportunity to dine, shop and save. After dining, save your receipt and bring it to one of the 21 participating retailers who will be offering 10% off to all customers who bring in their receipt from Greenwich Restaurant Week.


CHECK IN TO WIN & #TAG IT TO SNAG IT - Throughout GRW anyone who Checks in on Facebook at any of the participating restaurants or retail locations, or incorporates #GRW on any social media will be eligible to win A Double Handle Equestrian Bit Serving Board from Soundview Millworks.


Restaurants you can expect to be participating in GRW include Applausi, Beach House Café, Bella Nonna, Bistro Latino, Bistro Versailles & Patisserie, Blackstones, Bobby Q’s, Char Restaurant, Coast Seafood Restaurant, Crew, Douro Restaurant, Eatalian, Elm Street Oyster House, Famous Greek Kitchen, Gabriele’s Italian Steakhouse, Gingerman, Golden View Firenze, Harvest, Le Penguin, l’escale, Leafline Salad Co., Little Luigis Pizza, Little Pub, Mark’s Quality Meats & Gourmet Seafood, Mediterraneo, Morello Italian Bistro, Organic Planet, Polpo Restaurant and Saloon, Sweet Peas Baking Company, Tengda, Terra, The Cos Cobber, The Drawing Room, The Jhouse Restaurant and The Mumbai Times.


Also, some local organizations and businesses who are sponsoring GRW sponsors include Greenwich Magazine, Miller Motorcars, Barbara Zaccagnini, Greenwich Hospital, Wells Fargo Private Bank, Withers Bergman, LLP., Ruby Media Group, The J House Greenwich, Soundview Millworks, Sandboxx and more. Beverage partners include Whispering Angel Rose, American Harvest Vodka and Spiked Seltzer.


For more information visit – hope to see you at Greenwich Restaurant Week!

Today’s Thursday and that means it’s STEAK DAY at Dew Drop Inn!

Every Thursday is a special day at Dew Drop Inn because Thursdays are Steak Day!
For $14.95 you get this plate of AWESOMENESS! The steak is seasoned and delicious by itself, but if you prefer to add another layer of flavor try it with fried onions and mushrooms for an additional $2. Along with a steak you also get mashed potatoes and glazed carrots. The mashed potatoes are slightly lumpy, as mashed potatoes should be, and the carrots are a little sweet – just the way I like them – so that you’ll want to eat them all. In fact, you’ll want to clean your plate once you take a bite!



Dew Drop Inn

25 North Ave

Derby, CT


Brick + Wood Is Opening November 1st in Fairfield

Brick + Wood: Love Life (And Pizza) is set to open their doors with a soft opening on November 1st!
Located in the former Ponte Vecchio in Brick Walk in Fairfield, Brick + Wood has transformed the space with the help of Haverson Architecture and Design of Greenwich to create a multi-layered and multi-sensory restaurant and bar.

Expect to see stressed wood and worn Chicago brick, a mosaic tiled pizza oven, and a Calcutta Ciero marble top mozzarella bar. That’s right, there’s going to be a mozzarella bar with hand pulled mozzarella prepared each day along with a variety of imported and cured meats!

In addition to meat and cheese, the menu at Brick + Wood will focus on Italian street food such as Arancini, potato crocchette, fried calamari, stuffed calzone, paninis, salads, and wood-fired thin crust pizza.

Brick + Wood has the distinction of being one of only a handful if pizzaiolas in the United States who have earned the certification by the Associazone Pizzaiuoli Neopolitani (APN) to serve authentic Neopolitan pizza.

Brick + Wood
1275 Post Road
Fairfield, CT 06825

For more information visit Brick + Wood’s website.

Little Barn In Westport Is Anything But Little


“Little” might be in its name, but Little Barn in Westport is anything but little. Instead you can expect attentive service and well-crafted cocktails in an environment that I would call country chic – a perfect fit for Westport. And of course there’s the food. Oh, the food! Everything we tasted at Little Barn we liked so very much and I cannot wait to visit again. Little Barn’s menu is an ecclectic mix of American pub food with some classics, both hearty and light. It is the type of menu that appeals to different tastes and cravings and is sure to please your entire group.




The decor at Little Barn reminds me of quaint and cozy barns you might find in Vermont that have been reclaimed and renovated. Distressed wood on the outside of the restaurant is continued throughout the inside on the floors and walls, and exposed beams in the ceiling creating a warm environment full of character and charm. A bar area with hightop tables and a more traditional dining area, along with an outdoor patio, offer a variety of dining areas perfect for anything from a cocktail to a full meal. The two rustic stone fireplaces add the finishing touch to the indoor and outdoor dining areas.


Dining Room


Also, if the location looks familiar, yes, it is indeed the former Swanky Frank’s location, however co-owner Scott Beck explained how they renovated and built Little Barn from the ground up, literally.






View of the bar from the dining room



Outdoor patio


 Craft Cocktails

We tried two cocktails from Little Barn’s Octoberfest menu: Cider and Black Rock Lemonade. The Cider made is steaming local apple cider that is mulled – and the best part I think – spiked with Fireball cinnamon whisky. The hint of cinnamon with the warm cider is perfect on a cool night and I enjoyed sipping it by the outdoor fireplace on Little Barn’s patio.


If the Black Rock Lemonade sounds familiar, it should be because you can also enjoy it at the Chelsea in Fairfield, also co-owned by Scott Beck. American Harvest vodka and fresh lemonade are shaken with a black cherry-jalapeno puree to create a drink that has a slight kick, but mostly you are left with an interesting and appealing mixture of the lemonade, black cherry and jalapeno flavors.


Snacks by the fire…

We snacked on the Giant Pretzel with our cocktails and it is exactly how it is described – GIANT. It is easily  an appetizer to be shared even if you are really hungry. Served with a spicy stout and honey mustard dipping sauces the pretzel stands out because it is deep fried, but not greasy, creating a texture similar to fried dough on the outside that is slightly crispy and soft and chewy on the inside as you’d expect with a pretzel. I liked both dipping sauces, however the spicy stout was my favorite.




Kale is an item that has become increasingly popular on menus, so I was delighted to see Little Barn’s version of a kale salad is different from most others that I have tried lately. Made with raw kale, shaved fennel, dried cranberries, candied pecans, and red wine vinaigrette the flavors of all the ingredients pair very well with the kale, especially the cranberries and candied pecans (who doesn’t like candied pecans?!),  and I think make this salad very interesting. The added sweetness is always appealing if you have a sweet tooth like I do.



Shaved Brussels Sprouts


Brussels sprouts is another popular menu item and I was again impressed with how Little Barn put their own twist on this increasingly popular vegetable. The Shaved Brussels Sprouts are tossed with toasted pumpkin seeds, granny smith apples, and dried cranberries in a whole grain honey mustard vinaigrette with parmesan cheese. The flavors of the pumpkin seeds and apples along with the other ingredients made this dish just different enough that it stands out from others I have tried elsewhere.


Tai Chicken Lettuce Cups



I am a big fan of lettuce wraps (or cups) in general, but the Thai Chicken Lettuce Cups are a little different and they made me say, “Oooooo!” At Little Barn the chicken is made with chopped peanuts and a hot chili sauce and served along with baby bibb lettuce so you can build your own lettuce wrap or cup. The subtle hint of the peanuts along with the flavor of the chili sauce, which was not hot if you’re someone who doesn’t like too much heat, is quite frankly, delicious.


Tuna Blocks 



The Tuna Blocks were a hit with our entire group and had people oo-ing and ah-ing. Pan seared sesame crusted Ahi Tuna over smooth roasted jalapeno-avocado puree, topped with grilled pineapple pico de gallo and a little siracha on the side creates this flavorful appetizer.



I am pleased to say that we were able to try two types of tacos at Little Barn: beef tacos and chicken tacos. Also, they do have fish tacos on the menu for all you fish taco fans. Both tacos were flavorful and delicious. The addition of the roasted pineapple in the beef tacos and the chipotle mayo in the chicken tacos added to each dish and really made them stand out, especially since this is a menu item we see very regularly.


The chicken tacos are made with marinated grilled chicken, pico de gallo, micro cilantro, and a chipotle mayo to give it a little kick.



The beef tacos are made of char grilled filet tips, roasted pineapple, guacamole, pico de gallo and micro cilantro.




A close up of a serving of thai chicken lettuce cup, taco, and tuna block.



Chicken Pot Pie




This beauty was the star of the show for me and if I had to pick a favorite, which is so hard because I really enjoyed everything we sampled, I think I would have to vote for the chicken pot pie.  Chopped braised chicken, carrots, peas and onions, in a rich cream sauce and topped with a flaky puff pastry create this simple, yet hearty dish. The perfectly flaky and buttery puff pastry on top of the chicken that was shredded pushed this chicken pot pie to the top of my favorites list. The chicken pot pie is large and could easily be shared between two people, or it will guarantee some amazing leftovers for the next day. Either way, I’ll be coming back to enjoy the chicken pot pie at Little Barn on a cold snowy day when I’m craving this dish.





Meatloaf is one of those dishes that people either find comforting and love or avoid altogether. I find meatloaf to be comforting, however not everyone gets this dish right and meatloaf can be a tricky thing to make. Little Barn gets their meatloaf right. So very right. The meatloaf is a family recipe and is served with mashed potatoes, buttered corn and a creamy cognac sauce. The sauce was delicious and similar to a gravy in thickness, but was not too heavy. The meatloaf itself has a texture more similar to a pate than you  might be used to with a more traditional meatloaf and I think that’s where Little Barn’s version stands out for me. If you’re craving meatloaf, Little Barn’s is one you must try.


Ahi Tuna



The Ahi tuna made with sesame and wasabi crusted Ahi over a warm soba noodle salad with sweet soy, scallions, and a little sriracha is very good. The crust of the sesame and wasabi create in interesting texture and the flavors, along with the sweet soy over the noodles and the sriracha, make this dish a success.





The Brat shows the range of items on Little Barn’s menu. For this dish grilled beer brats served on a pretzel bun with kraut, stout mustard and relish with a generous side of German potato salad. I have to say that the German potato salad is quite possibly one of the best I’ve ever had, also putting this dish on my favorites list.



When you visit Little Barn make sure you save room for dessert. From the classic warm brownie with ice cream to the very unique cookie dough bites, there is something to satisfy any sweet tooth.




The brownie – YUMMMMM! The warm chocolate chip brownie was soft and slighty gooey and topped with chipped cream. Served over caramel sauce and with a side of vanilla ice cream, this classic dessert will leave you with a smile on your face.


Pumpkin Pie



It’s October, so of course there is pumpkin pie on the dessert menu. Pumpkin pie lovers take note,  this one is a creamy fall spiced pumpkin pie with a dollop of whipped cream.


Cookie Dough Bites



If you’re looking for a more unique dessert to try, then look no further. The cookie dough bites at Little Barn are crispy chocolate chip cookie dough bites dusted with powdered sugar with a scoop of vanilla gelato. The gooey and chocolaty bites are fried, but they are not greasy or too heavy, and they remind me of something you might have at a carnival or fair.


If you’re looking for somewhere new to have a meal, visit Little Barn, the charming, cozy restaurant with a wide selection of dishes from the classics to those with their own unique twist to appeal to big appetites.


Little Barn

1050 Post Road East

Westport, CT 06880

(203) 557-8501

For more info check out Little Barn’s FaceBook page here.


Disclaimer: I was invited to this dinner, however all opinions expressed herein are my own.

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