Thin Mints, A Food Truck, And Cupcakes

I ADORE Girl Scout cookies. My inner fat kid gets VERY excited when it’s Girl Scout cookie season. I was a scout for my entire childhood, and even though I had to sell cookies each year I still love them! I do refrain from eating an entire box if that’s what you’re wondering now. It’s all about pacing yourself fellow foodies!

Did you know that this Friday is National Girl Scout Cookie Day? I didn’t until early this morning. Annnnnddddd I heard about two exciting ways Girl Scout cookies are being celebrated: a Girl Scout Cookie NYC food truck (are you drooling yet?), and a Thin Mint Cookie Cupcake (yes, you read that correctly).

The Gothamist reported that Girl Scouts have teamed up with Sweetery NYC to sell cookies at Manhattan locations on this Friday, February 8th.

 So, if you happen to be in NYC on Friday, you can stop by one of the listed locations and purchase some cookies. 

Your other option?

Head over to Crumbs Bakeshop for a Thin Mint Cookie Cupcake!

gs cup

Crumbs will be selling their Thin Mint Cookie Cupcake from February 8th-22nd in honor of National Girl Scout Cookie Day today.

Crumbs Thin Mint Cupcake
Crumbs Thin Mint Cupcake

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