Lattes, Crepes, and so much more at Café Atlantique

The date and time were set. It had taken a few tries until we finally found a day all five of us were available. We were clear of the flu season which had prevented us all from spending Christmas Eve together, and we were determined. That’s right, we were doing our gift exchange in February.

Sunday was the day for breakfast with some of my best friends at one of our favorite places – Café Atlantique!

Around the corner from Stonebridge Restaurant and across the street from the train station, Café Atlantique is a quaint little neighborhood café in downtown Milford. As soon as one of my friends suggested Café Atlantique, all five ladies were in. Café Atlantique is a place we all like to frequent. Over the years we’ve gone for breakfasts and lunches, coffee time, late night crepes, and even wine tasting.



When you enter the Café you notice the glass cases filled with assorted baked goods, the long counter and combined kitchen area where you can watch your food being made, and the mixed seating options throughout. The inside of the Café is shaped like a large “V,” something I suspect is due to the building’s location on the corner of Daniel Street and River Street, but this offers a fun street-side view on one side and a view of the patio and grassy courtyard-type area on the other. The shape of the Café also creates cozy nooks where you can find armchairs and couches, smaller tables for two or four people, and even a large table that will seat a larger group. In the warmer months there is also outdoor seating on the patio.

With live music performances each week and paintings and photographs by local artists featured on the walls, the Café offers a comfortable and casual atmosphere where you might hang out and work on your laptop or grade papers like I occasionally do, have a meal with your family,  meet up with some friends you haven’t seen in a while, or grab a cup to go. Since we all hadn’t seen each other in a few weeks we ended up hanging out for a couple of hours. There was a steady stream of customers coming in for Sunday breakfast and coffee, but it never felt overcrowded. People sitting near us were hanging out with friends and family and enjoying some breakfast, while others were reading the Sunday paper or working on their laptops with a cup of coffee.

Written in different colored chalk on a large chalkboard hanging behind the bar area, the menu at Café Atlantique offers regular and specialty coffees and teas and traditional breakfast fare such as omelettes, egg sandwiches, bagels, and muffins. The lunch and dinner menu includes an array of salads such as a Classic Caesar, a Spinach, Apple and Goat Cheese salad with Almonds and Balsamic dressing, which you can add chicken, turkey, ham, or tuna to, and paninis such as the Ham, Swiss and Dijon Mustard, or the Hummus, Broccoli, Roasted Red Peppers, and onions. There is even a kids’ menu of grilled cheese on a bagel or panini or PB&J on a bagel, panini or croissant. Vegetarian options are also readily available as well as several specialty items such as a Soup of the Day, a Cheese platter with cheeses from another local shop in Milford, The Villa Gourmet (definitely on my list of places to visit soon), and a Lox platter (shown below). However, the food item Café Atlantique is most known for, in my opinion, is their crepes. Available in both savory and sweet crepes throughout the day, they’re crepes are de-licious and a must-try!

When an order is up, your name is called and you can pick up your food and drink at the end of the counter.We each ordered something different off the breakfast menu today, and everyone really enjoyed their breakfast. The food is always fresh, made to order, and comes out pretty quickly.


Lox platter


Egg sandwich on a croissant


Cheese omelette with a toasted croissant and butter


Savory crepe: spinach, fresh mozzarella, and sun-dried tomatoes



Sweet crepe: chocolate and bananas (This crepe is perfect for someone with a sweet tooth. The chocolate is very rich.)


You cannot forget the coffee and tea options at Café Atlantique! One of my personal favorites is the Chocolate Raspberry Latte (shown here). The chocolate and raspberry flavors are balanced very well together, and add just the right amount of sweetness that I find I don’t usually have to add any sugar to my drink. The Café has a good-sized selection of specialty drinks from seasonal coffees to smoothies to wine and beer on their menu. If you dine in, they will give you your coffee or tea in a glass coffee or tea cup, however I like to ask for a to-go cup with a lid  if I know I’ll be hanging out for a little bit so my coffee stays hotter longer.


The snowman coffee cup sleeves were a nice finishing touch on such a cold February day!

33 River Street Milford, CT 06460

(203) 882-1601

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