Food for Thought: Birthday Cake or…?

My birthday is next week. Well, my surrogate birthday. I’m a Leap Year baby, or Leapling, so February 28th is my stand-in day for the years my actual birthday does not exist. I like birthdays because they are a celebration of life and shouldn’t we all be able to celebrate ourselves at least once a year? Since my birthday doesn’t come every year I get very excited about bithdays. Picture the way little kids get excited about birthdays and want to invite everyone they know to their party. That’s pretty much me on a leap year. But most importantly, of course, birthdays mean CAKE.

I adore cake. I’m sure you figured this out about me already. Cake is one of those foods I’d choose to have with me if I were ever stranded on a desert island and I had a choice in the matter. Cake would probably be all it would take to get me to fold on a show like Survivor. Cake is so important it was served as our first course at our wedding. That’s right, we cut and served cake right after our first dance. (More about this when my anniversary comes around in a few months because it was one of THE BEST red velvet cakes I’ve ever had from a local CT baker). So you see, I’m committed to cake.

Birthday cake or cupcakes or pie or whatever you prefer, I find them to be extra special when part of a birthday celebration. Everyone has their favorites for their own birthday. Over the years I’ve always celebrated with cake of some kind. However, this is the first year I can remember that I cannot decide, the first year I have not already planned ahead and envisioned my birthday cake. With less than a week to decide I knew my next Food for Thought post had to be about birthday cake.

I need your help! How do you celebrate your birthday? What is your favorite birthday cake? Where should I get my cake from this year?

These are my homemade peanut butter cup cupcakes 🙂

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