My New Food Quest: Pain au chocolat in CT

20130219-214827.jpgSeveral months ago very good friends of ours traveled to Paris. Long story short, there was a case of missing car keys somewhere between New York and Paris airports and our friends were faced with being stranded in New York on the way home with no way to get into their car they had parked for the week. Through some texts and emails we offered to help our friends, and our car ride to deliver the extra set of car keys enabled us to greet our friends immediately after they stepped off the airport shuttle to the parking area and hear a little about their wonderful trip. Our friends were so grateful!.I will never forget how A & C stepped off the shuttle and greeted us with huge grins and hugs; we love helping our friends whenever we can.

A & C kept insisting they return the favor in some way, and we refused. This is what friends do for each other. Insisting again, A quickly handed me this rectangular tupperware container she was carefully cradling. It was an ordinary plastic container with a marine blue lid (which is actually one of my favorite colors, was purely coincidental, and another reason I’ll always remember this story). “Here, take these. Please.” she insisted again.

Carefully wrapped in the ordinary waxed brown paper bag they were placed into at the bakery and then placed in this plastic continer, what I now held in my hand were a baked good I had only heard about – Pain au chocolat. I’ve heard stories about how wonderfully light and buttery french chocolate croissants are. Anyone I know who has travelled to France talks about these pastries in a way in which smiles light up their faces and they get a far off look in their eyes. I’ve yet to meet a person who does not praise pain au chocolat. And now I held a box of them in my hands. I was so very excited.

When we got to the car we peeked inside the container and savored the amazing smell which emanated after I cracked open the lid, but we waited until we got home before we ate one. All I can say is they are everything anyone has ever promised you pain au chocolat would be and then some. Light and buttery with the right amount of chocolate in the center, I hope someday to experience them warm at a bakery in Paris.

Why am I writing about pastries I ate months ago? I am on a new food quest! Another friend loves these chocolate croissants, and I’m determined to find the best place in Connecticut to buy them for her surprise party next month.

Several people have advised me to try Isabelle et Vincent in Fairfield and I’ll be headed there soon (more to follow!).

And I’d love to hear from you reader, where in Connecticut is your favorite place to enjoy these famous French pastries?

Where have you had chocolate croissants in Connecticut before?

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