NEW: My Food Obsessions – Udi’s Granola

Do you get hooked on foods? Maybe you order or cook them regularly, or have to keep them stocked in your cupboard. Do you become obsessed with dishes or restaurants? I do!

Making its debut this week – my new Food Obsessions posts!

This one is for EVERYONE. This food is free of gluten, eggs, soy, dairy, and sugar. I have been obsessed with this healthy food for about six months after a very health conscious friend recommended I give it a try. I keep it in the house always,and if I run out I’ll make a trip to the store just to pick up a bag. I crave it. It’s perfect on yogurt and fruit or by the handful.

Say hello to Udi’s Sweet and Crunchy Vanilla granola. Made with gluten free oats, wildflower honey, canola oil, almonds, and vanilla extract, the granola contains 140 calories per serving and 4g of protein and only 7g of sugar (due to the honey). Udi’s makes four different flavors of granola: Original, Au Natural, Sweet and Crunchy Vanilla, and Sweet and Fruity Cranberry. All four flavors are tasty, but I prefer the Vanilla over all the others because for me the slightly sweet vanilla granola does not overpower the flavors of the other foods I sprinkle it over. Also, the granola adds a nice amount of crunch for when you’re craving something just a little crunchy.



You can find Udi’s granola and other products at many local grocery stores in CT such as Whole Foods, Stop n’ Shop, and Nature’s Way (in Stratford). Or you can purchase products from their website.

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