Food Obsession: Yogurt Covered Snacks

My new food obsession this week is…..(drumroll, please)….

yogurt covered pretzels and peanuts


I’m sure you’ve all heard of yogurt covered raisins and pretzels. They’re easy to find in most grocery stores. But have you ever had yogurt covered peanuts? Yup, yogurt covered peanuts. They are quite addictive.

What I like about yougurt covered peanuts, aside from being something a little different to snack on, is that you get a mixture of salty and sweet flavors and a little bit of a crunch. For me, the crunch along with a little saltiness and sweetness can go a long way to curb some cravings.
Where do you find these yogurt covered peanuts? Nature’s Way Health Food Store in Stratford.



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