This Soup Is For You!

My favorite soup on a cold winter day or when I have a cold (as I have these past few days) has always been chicken noodle. That is until I had a cup of Chicken Pot Pie Soup from Soup Thyme in Monroe.

Imagine all the ingredients in a chicken pot pie now in a soup, including the pie crust. Is your mind blown? It will be when you eat this soup. Imagine large pieces of white chicken meat, tender carrots and peas, and several pieces of broken pie crust placed on top when you order a bowl of soup (this way it doesn’t get soggy).


One of their best sellers, the Chicken Pot Pie Soup is always on Soup Thyme’s Soup of the Day Menu (available on their website).


Soup Thyme is known for their large selection of soups, salads, and paninis.

450 Monroe Turnpike
Monroe, CT 06468
(203) 268-0214

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