Get Crawling in Greenwich – Part 2! Dishcrawl Greenwich Releases New Event Details

If you missed jumping onboard for the first Greenwich Dishcrawl event in May (both May dates sold out extremely fast),  look out! Greenwich Dishcrawl is back already with a second event on June 11th at 7pm.

The rules are the same – a food crawl to 4 restaurants in one night whose identity remain a mystery, and 48 hours prior to the event ticket holders will receive an email revealing the first location of the Dishcrawl. Round 2 of Greenwich Discrawl will feature restaurants in Old Greenwich and you can buy tickets on the Dishcrawl site for $45 per person.

Don’t forget to checkout Dishcrawl Greenwich’s Facebook page for more info and they’re on twitter too @DishcrawlGre !

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