I’d Like S’more Crepes Please

Crepes that will make you say oooooo and ahhhh in Connecticut you ask? I found a food spot you must go to for crepes – Caroline’s Creperie in New Canaan!

We found Caroline’s Creperie purely by accident as we were exploring downtown New Canaan in the rain about a week ago. First of all, I cannot wait to go back to downtown New Canaan when the weather is nicer and we can really enjoy walking around and visiting all the different shops. And even more importantly, I cannot wait to go back to Caroline’s Crepery and try the ENTIRE menu!

The very friendly waitresses helped us figure out what to order for our first visit since the menu of savory and sweet crepes, quiches, sandwiches, and soups does give you a lot of options (they also offer gluten-free savory crepes).

What did we try for our first visit to Caroline’s? Why two of their most popular crepes, of course!

I ordered the S’more Crepe.

S’mores and crepes are not two foods you would naturally expect to go well together. At least I’ve always envisoned them as two separate sweet foods. Yet, if you like sweet crepes and you like s’mores you MUST try the S’more Crepe at Caroline’s Creperie. The warm, sweet crepe combined with the melted marshmellow and gooey chocolate goes together so very well, and the crumbled graham crackers gives it the slightest crunch. Plus, you must have marshmellow, chocolate, and graham crackers to make a s’more. This crepe was so delicious that I was basically speechless while I was eating it! I must warn you, this crepe can be a little messy with the gooey marshmellow and chocolate just as you’d expect from a s’more.

My husband ordered the Cookie Crepe.


Filled with Cinnamon Butter, the Cookie Crepe tastes like a speculoos spice cookie with hints of cinnamon with the consistency of peanut butter. Imagine a spreadable cookie with the flavors of butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and a gingersnap cookie all in one. When Cinnamon Butter is put inside of a warm, sweet crepe it melts just a little bit so you get a gooey consistency.

Cinnamon Butter Cookie spread is quite addictive, and the waitresses described it by comparing it to a similar spread available in most grocery stores and I’ve now become obsessed (hint, hint this is what my next Food Obsession post is about)!

The Ham and Cheese Quiche with Mixed Greens


The piece of ham and cheese quiche is what you would expect when you order a slice of quiche; a flaky and buttery pie crust surrounding an almost sponge-like mixture of egg, ham, and cheese.

If you go to Caroline’s for breakfast don’t forget to order some coffee to help start your day! The regular coffee was a smooth roast, and the cappuccino pictured below hit the spot.


155 Elm Street
New Canaan, CT 06840


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