Food for Thought: Balancing Blogging and Everything Else


One of my very dear friends sent me this picture she found online not too long ago. The picture made me smile, and it got me thinking about how I balance my time between blogging and everything else in my life that isn’t blogging (and how I balance my time in general, of course).

The next two weeks are the end of the spring semester, and the end of the each semester is always my busiest and most stressful time.  In other words, my next two weeks will require me to really pay attention to how I balance my time even more than I usually do.

I enjoy writing and blogging, so I often find myself blogging as often as I can. As I still try to figure out how it is best for me to balance my time, I can’t help but wonder how all my fellow bloggers balance their blogging time with other activities? There is so much advice floating around online about managing your time as a blogger and as a writer, and how to balance time in general.

How do you balance your time? How do you balance your blogging?

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