Brew a fresh cup of coffee with just the press of your fingers

The package was waiting for me on the porch; a lovely, large cardboard box which surely meant a surprise. I still get excited when I receive things in the mail – packages, catalogues, cards, letters – like a little kid. I carried it inside the house and started my little game I play before I open any packages. I like to try and figure out what it might be and who it’s from. First, what is it? I rack my brain trying to remember if I’ve ordered anything recently. Next, I will consider who it might be from and I’ll often guess if I can’t tell from the package’s return label. This one had a little note sealed in a plastic sleeve on the top of it – a Christmas gift from our friends in Ohio!

Why am I writing about a Christmas gift in June? Well, you see the Christmas gift was a coffee lover’s dream filled with packages of ground coffee, mugs, chocolate, and biscotti. Alas, we do not own a coffee pot, we own a keurig, but now we had 6lbs of coffee that needed brewing! The solution? A french press! Almost six months later and we still love our french press, and I thought you should know about this little gadget and the experience when you press your own cup of coffee.

We purchased this french press from Starbucks at the end of the holiday season. Also known as a coffee press, you can purchase them from just about anywhere.



The press comes with its own scoop, and the only other thing you need is the ground coffee of your choice and some hot water (and whatever else you like to fix your cup of coffee with).


Once your water is heated so it’s (almost) boiling (I use the microwave for this step and a microwave safe measuring cup), remove the top or plunger from the press and pour in the water. If I make a full press full of coffee I usually fill it with about 3 cups of hot water.


Once you have added the amount of hot water you prefer, the next step is to add the coffee grounds.

TIP: Some people prefer to add the coffee grounds first and then the hot water to help the coffee grounds mix and steep.


I add about 3 to 3 1/2 scoops of coffee depending on how strong I’d like my coffee to be, but this part is really up to you and the coffee to water ratio you prefer. The rule of thumb is usually one rounded tablespoon of coffee per cup.


After the grounds are in, some people will stir the grounds with a spoon to help mix them with the water before putting the top or plunger back on the press.  Make sure the front of the plunger is matched up with the spout for easy pouring.


I press the top down just enough so the coffee grounds are fully submerged and give the press a gentle swirl while holding the handle, and then sit back and let it brew for a few minutes. Again, the stronger you want  your coffee to be determines how long you should let it sit before you pour yourself a cup. On average it will take about 2-5 minutes. I usually wait for about 3 minutes for the grounds to steep before pushing the press all the way to the bottom.


After pushing the press all the way down, you are ready to make your cup of coffee….


and enjoy!

The fun about using this gadget is in taking a hands on part in making yourself a cup of coffee. If you are pressed for time [pun intended :)] the press might not be the way to go since it takes at least 4-5 minutes to make a cup, whereas with a keurig you have a hot cup of coffee in under a minute. The other thing I also like about the press is the reduced amount of waste – there are no plastic pods to throw out.

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