Food for Thought: Give Me S’more Summertime!


Today is the first day of beach days with coolers packed with lunches, barbecues of wonderful things grilled to perfection, and cold, sweet summer treats that melt and run down your hands as you race to eat them. Yet, as the sun sets while I write on this beautiful Summer Solstice, I am reminded of a treat that instantly makes me think of summer. A treat that surely means good times spent with friends and laughter. S’mores!


I’m not sure how old I was when I knew the tradition had begun, but I know it was at some point in my early childhood. I suspect it was many summer camping trips as a Girl Scout and all the time spent around a campfire that quickly fostered my love of s’mores. Aside from that magical gooey combination of melted milk chocolate and sticky and sweet roasted marshmallows that mix with the chocolate when you squish them together between two sweet and crunchy graham crackers, s’mores means a great time with friends. S’mores mean it’s summertime. Many camping trips and a little time spent at summer camp at Camp Katoya in Milford means I must have a few campfires each summer and a few s’mores. And I know if you were a Fairfield County scout you most likely spent at least a little time at Camp Katoya too, which for me brings back memories of s’mores, campfires, hikes, a freezing swimming pool, and catching frogs around the pond (to name a few).

I kicked off summer a little early and roasted marshmallows around a fire pit with some friends a few weeks ago and had a s’more, but today makes it official. Summer is here! S’more season is here!! I leave you with an ode to s’mores in this little clip from one of my favorite movies, The Sandlot.

Photo from the blog Spoonfoolery, click here for the link and more info on s’mores.

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