Food for Thought: Friends, Food, and Cooking Over Campfires

Tent and sleeping bags, check.

Hiking shoes, check.

Rain gear, check.

Flashlights, lanterns, bugspray, sunscreen…check, check, check, check.

Have you guessed it? I’m going camping!

Several times a year as a kid we would dig our hiking boots out of the back of the closet, pack up our duffles and sleeping bags, and meet at a predetermined location. After we piled our gear and ourselves into a vehicle we would basically sing all the way to the campground. A mixture of the top 40 pop hits mixed with Girl Scout camfire songs would continue throughout the entire weekend. As a scout we camped pretty regularly, something I didn’t realize until I got older and learned that friends I met later in life didn’t always camp as much if they were scouts. I love camping! No matter the weather, it is an adventure I look forward to every time I go.

A few weeks ago some friends had a briliant idea of getting together a few couples to go camping – we were IN! We’ve been planning and lists have been made and double checked. The most important list of all has been made, checked and rechecked – the food list!

Burgers, hot dogs, brats, rolls, bacon a LOT of bacon, cheese lots of cheese, s’more stuff, eggs, pancakes, mimosas, steak, veggies to grill, beer, wine, water….and the list goes on!

The food list sounds like ordinary meals you might grill at home, but there’s something about cooking over a campfire that makes it all so much more fun!
Any other campers out there? What do you like to cook and eat when you go camping?



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