Food for Thought: When Your Food Speaks To You And…Motivates You

I often find that I motivate myself with food, and that food similarly motivates other people in my life. Food can be a reward – as a child, dessert was the reward for eating my vegetables, and as an adult, dessert is sometimes a reward for getting through a tough week. Food can be a means of celebrating an achievement, big or small. Food can be a way to connect with my cousin’s two year old son who was feeling a little shy the other day – there’s nothing better than bonding with a toddler over homemade apple cake. Yet, at other times I try to motivate myself to not give in to my sweet tooth and abstain from dessert, you know, to eat healthy (or more healthier).

Ever since I began writing about food a few months ago, I have found that food motivates me in another way – professionally. I’m now motivated to write about food and to talk about food with pretty much anyone I meet in some way. Food is motivating me to expand my little blog further as I consider its future, and the further my little blog grows, so too do my other writing projects and aspirations.

This last week I’d been thinking, brainstorming, and bending the ears of some of my supportive, creative, and simply wonderful friends while at the same time trying to motivate myself. End of summer cold be damned, I was determined to be motivated! And then – BEHOLD – tonight my food spoke to me!

Tonight a simple fortune from my fortune cookie reminded me that we all feel uncertain about things whether they be big or small, personal or professional, but you have to be brave and try. For it is only when you try that things will happen, and you learn and grow. And sometimes, just sometimes, things might even fall into place and Fortune will smile on you from beyond the insides of a fortune cookie.

20130915-205940.jpgPS Dessert makes everything better, doesn’t it?!

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