Parallel Post’s ChowdaQuest Sampler is a MUST try!

When we gathered last week at Parallel Post in Trumbull to learn about ChowdaQuest, the new qualifying event for Chowdafest, (see my post on ChowdaQuest here), we were also able to try the soup sampler appetizer and it is a must-try!

Parallel Post is a new Farm to Table restaurant located inside the Trumbull Marriott with a focus on local and organic produce, natural and sustainable meats, poultry, and seafood, and fresh products made daily in-house. The menu changes regularly at Parallel Post to reflect both the local ingredients available with each changing season and the restaurant’s mission of “passion for food at its very best.”

20131020-153820.jpgWe were able to spend some time talking with executive chef Christopher Molyneux and his passion for creating the very best dishes out of the very best local ingredients is immediately evident. Plus, he’s very friendly and you can tell he loves to talk food!

When asked about ChowdaQuest, Chef Molyneux said, “We’re excited to show what we can do. It’s a great competition, a great cause and a terrific opportunity to let people know about us. It gives new restaurants like us a chance to earn our way into what has become both a fun and prestigious competition with other great chefs and restaurants.” 20131020-153750.jpgThis photo is of Chef Molyneux bringing out the ChowdaQuest sampler appetizer. 20131020-153655.jpg

20131020-170711.jpgNavy Bean Soup with Benton’s Bacon Breadcrumbs20131020-153607.jpgThe first soup in the sampler is a Navy Bean soup made with Benton’s Bacon Breadcrumbs. Parallel Post’s Navy Bean Soup is creamy and thick, and each bite has a hint of bacon in it from the bacon breadcrumbs. Chef Molyneux explained that the thickness of the soup comes from puréeing half of the navy beans during the cooking process. I was pleasantly surprised by this soup because I’m not a huge fan of navy beans, yet this navy bean soup I would eat regularly, especially on a cold day with a piece of crusty bread. In fact, I wish I had a bowl of it right now!

Rustic Chicken Soup 20131020-153556.jpgThe soup in the middle of the sampler is the Rustic Chicken Soup made with orzo, Maitake mushrooms, spinach, and parmesan. Chef Molyneux explained to us how Rustic Chicken Soup takes over 24 hours to make because they cook and debone the chicken in-house before adding it to the soup.The spinach and the parmesan give this soup a unique flavor that is a little different from a typical chicken soup. If you’re looking for a chicken soup that is a little bit different from the norm, give this one a try.

Clam Chowder20131020-153545.jpgClam Chowder is the final soup in the sampler. Made with clams from Norman Bloom’s in Norwalk, this chowder is a lighter version made without bacon (aka no fat backs are used to make this chowder). Light in texture, yet still thick and creamy, this Clam Chowder is also light in its clam taste. In other words, you aren’t hit with the taste of clams, instead you notice the flavor of the clams balanced with the potatoes, cream, and all the other ingredients. Still not convinced? I liked it and I’m not a girl who usually likes clam chowder. I know, I know, how can I be a New Englander and not like clam chowder? Yet, I must be honest with you, my dear readers.
20131020-153458.jpgI think my being a part of the clean plate (or bowl) club is proof enough that you need to head over to Parallel Post and try their ChowdaQuest soup sampler appetizer!20131020-153911.jpgDon’t forget to download the ChowdaQuest app and vote for your favorites soup or chowder!20131020-153928.jpg

Parallel Post is open for lunch and dinner daily and is located in the Trumbull Marriott at 180 Hawley Lane.

Disclaimer: We were invited to this promotional event and sampling by Chowdafest and hosted by Parallel Post, however the views and opinions expressed herein are my own.

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