Signed, Sealed, and Delivered: Westport’s NEW Post 154

When I walked up the stairs and pushed open the large glass doors to Post 154, I immediately knew I had arrived at a new food spot that is sure to soon be THE place everyone will be talking about. 20131113-214931.jpgPhoto Courtesy of Max Exposure

As the Hostess directed me to where the group was seated for our blogger dinner, I couldn’t help but notice that the restaurant was comfortably full for a Tuesday evening and the energy of the main dining room and bar area was palpable. I foresee future happy hours with friends, lunch meetings, and date nights at Post 154, and I think you will too.

Located in Westport’s former Post Office, Post 154 boasts a 268 seat restaurant, bar, and event venue in this historic building, which preserves the brick facade, limestone, and high vaulted ceiling of the original architecture while incorporating contemporary elements.20131113-213831.jpgPhoto courtesy of Max Exposure

Some unique details of Post 154 include a display kitchen, an outdoor patio, and a spiral staircase in the center of the main floor giving you access to a private wine cellar dining room located on the lower level along with a semi-private dining area.20131107-134747.jpgPrivate Wine Cellar Dining Room

Post 154’s Executive Chef, Alex Rosado, has a created a menu that has been called bold, vibrant, and eclectic, featuring both his Puerto Rican heritage and his culinary background. For our tasting menu we were able to experience Chef Rosado’s land and sea menu concept.
Post 154’s drink menu features an extensive wine and beer list, and several unique cocktails that certainly caught our attention. Some members of the group sipped on different drinks such as the Pomegranate Spritz cocktail, Troublemaker red wine, and a flight of beer.

I enjoyed the Strawberry Moon-jito made of Onyx Moonshine, simple syrup, mint, lime, strawberries and club soda. The sweetness of the simple syrup and strawberries is noticeable in this drink, but it isn’t overpowering. Onyx Moonshine, you’ve found a new fan in me!20131107-140059.jpg
Tostones with an Aioli Criollo and Maldon Sea Salt
Made of fried plantains, these tostones are firm in the center and almost have a chewy texture. The sweet flavor of the plantains is balanced by the Maldon sea salt sprinkled over the top, and the Aiolli Criollo has a citrus flavor to it that only further compliments the tostones.

Crab Tater Tots
The Crab Tater Tots are served with a side of Zesty Latin Remoulade, which is made with tiny onions and has a hint of citrus to it. By far the most unique tater tot I’ve ever had, the filling of these Crab Tater Tots has a subtle crab taste and is similar in consistency to a mashed potato rather than the grated pieces shaped together in a traditional tater tot.

Portuguese Octopus
The fresh avocado accentuates the red chile sauce and extra virgin olive oil drizzled over the top of the Portuguese Octopus. Now, I have to admit this was my first experience eating octopus, so I must share that several of my fellow diners expressed that it was a little overcooked. However, I enjoyed the balance of all the flavors, most especially from the slight heat of the red chile sauce and the very fresh avocado.

Lobster Quesedilla
The Lobster Quesedillas at Post 154 are made with grilled lobster huitlachoche, queso chihuahua and are accompanied with salsa and avocado. When you bite into the Lobster Quesedilla your palate experiences a very light taste of very fresh lobster. Since the lobster is grilled you also catch a hint of smoky flavor from the grill.

What was appealing to me about this appetizer is that all the flavors are balanced so you taste lobster, the huitlacoche, and the queso chihuahua. Some might say the quesadilla could have used more lobster in them, but for me the amount of lobster given allowed me to taste the flavors of all the ingredients included in this dish.

The Bowl of Mussels
20131107-135518.jpgThe bowl of mussels is a good sized portion and might be ordered as an entree. Made with chorizo, shallots, roasted garlic, and saffron wine, these mussels are unlike any I’ve ever tasted before. Our entire group enjoyed the mussels and the crusty toasted bread that accompanied it.

St. Louis Ribs
20131107-135039.jpgA Chile BBQ sauce, liquid black beans, and a mango slaw accompany these tender ribs. The Latin influence in this dish of the mango, black beans, and chile creates a unique BBQ rib experience.

Duck Confit Taquitos

20131107-135200.jpgTaquitos are a personal favorite and something I order often from different restaurants, but this was the first time I’ve had Duck Confit Taquitos. And I’ll be ordering Duck Confit Taquitos again the next time I return to Post 154 – they are DELICIOUS. You can taste the duck along with the cojita cheese, roasted tomato salsa, and guacamole.

Eggplant Meatball Parmesan

20131107-134934.jpg I would drive to Post 154 just for this dish, and I can say that all my fellow diners were also huge fans. The entire group was oooo-ing and ah-ing over the Eggplant Meatball Parmesan.

These meatless “meatballs” are made entirely of eggplant flavored with truffles and herbs. However, if you were not told these meatballs are meatless it would be hard to notice. Aside from a hint of eggplant flavor, the Eggplant Meatball Parmesan tastes like very good Italian meatballs. The tomato gravy and three cheeses adds more to this dish, which we all couldn’t stop eating.

Golden Corn Bisque

Grilled corn, chives, and a garnish of creme fraiche are the only ingredients in the Corn Bisque. The flavor of the corn and its natural sweetness is the star of the show in this dish.

Topped with pickled fennel and plated on smoked tomato coulis and maple lime butter, the salmon dish unites a melody of flavors in such a way that all the ingredients are equally noticeable. I especially like the maple lime butter for its added sweetness and for the unexpected way the flavor of the maple syrup goes so well with the salmon.

Scallops & Grits

The smoked ham jus gives a smokey flavor to these creamy grits, which topped with some spinach, a well-grilled scallop and a tabasco chip for a final touch creates a dish the scallop lovers at the table very much enjoyed. The grits were a little thin due to ham jus, but you can ask for less or order it without it.

Guava BBQ Pork Tenderloin and C.A.B. Churrasco Steak20131108-161928.jpgThe Pork Tenderloin and the Churrasco Steak were both tender and juicy, and entrées I would order again.

A closeup of the Guava BBQ Pork Tenderloin
20131108-161946.jpgThe pork tenderloin is served on a black bean stew and topped with onion mojo and cilantro.

A closeup of the C.A.B. Churrasco Steak
20131108-161917.jpgThe Churrasco Steak is accompanied by an Argentinian chimichurri.

Sauteed Mushrooms and Grilled Vegetables
20131107-132923.jpg I cannot emphasize enough the freshness of the grilled vegetables and the sautéed mushrooms. The grilled vegetable are drizzled with olive oil and Herb de Provençal, whereas the sautéed mushrooms are cooked in garlic butter and thyme.

The Cheesy Mac

20131107-133742.jpgMade with Cabot cheddar cheese, this simple comfort food that we all love is at its best at Post 154. Creamy, slightly tart from the sharp cheddar, and with a little crunch from the breadcrumb topping, you MUST experience Chef Rosado’s Cheesy Mac. Our entire group is BIG fans of this side dish.

Alright dessert lovers, get ready, because all three of the desserts I tried at Post 154 are so good you’ll want to write home about them.

Apple Empanadas
20131107-133244.jpgThe golden brown fried dough of these sweet empanadas are filled with an apple filling reminiscent of apple pie and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. The empanadas are a little doughy in a way that reminds me of a fried pocket pie. The cream cheese and red hot cinnamon dips served with the apple empanadas are a fun way to accentuate the apple pie flavors in this dessert.


Chocolate Flan
20131107-132912.jpgGarnished with an Almond Florentine and presented on top of Tuaca Fired Oranges, the Chocolate Flan is a little firmer than a traditional flan and reminded me more of a chocolate mousse in texture and flavor. The orange and chocolate flavors compliment one another and the crunchy texture of the almond florentine highlights the smooth, creamy texture of the flan.

Tres Leches
20131107-133408.jpgOh, how I adore Tres leches, and the Tres Leches at Post 154 has made my list of favorites. The trick with Tres Leches is that the sponge cake must be a careful balance of three types of milk used in the baking process creating a texture that is distinct to this cake. The cake in Tres Leches is not soggy as you’d expect, instead it is moist, yet fluffy. Served on top of a wild berry stew, the Tres Leches at Post 154 is light and the berries serve to add another layer of sweetness to the cake.


Post 154 delivers with its innovative menu, offering flavorful and thoughtfully prepared dishes for a culinary experience unlike any other in Connecticut.

Post 154
154 Post Road East
Westport, CT

Post 154 takes reservations for parties of 8 or more.

Takeout is offered and online ordering will soon be available.

Bar: noon to CT legal closing time
Lunch: noon – 3pm
Dinner: 5:30- midnight
Happy Hour: 3-6pm

Valet parking is available in the evening.

Disclaimer: We were invited to this sampling dinner by Post 154, however the views and opinions expressed herein are my own.

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