My Food Obsession: Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale

I am not a beer drinker. Hold on, don’t walk away yet my beer loving readers because I found a beer I like.

I am a drinker of bourbon, whiskey, vodka, martinis, and wine, but now I have two beers I will throw in the rotation – Guinness (this includes car bombs) and Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale. Imagine a light ale meets a bourbon just as the name suggests.

Kentucky Ale, the creator of this beer, describes their Bourbon Barrel Ale as “a unique sipping beer with a nose of well-crafted bourbon.”

If you like bourbon and you aren’t a huge beer fan, this is the beer for you. A big thank you to the bartender at Rusty Bucket in Easton, Ohio for recommending this one.

Where can you find it in the 203 you ask? When I find it locally, you’ll be the first to know.

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