Jack Daniels’ Winter Jack

Straight, on the rocks, or mixed in with Coca-Cola, Jack Daniels is one of my go-to drinks.

When Jack Daniels came out with Honey Jack a few years ago I was onboard – I like honey and I like jack!

As I sat at the bar at Dew Drop Inn a few days before Christmas having an early dinner and chatting, I spied a bottle of JD I didn’t recognize – Winter Jack.

Jenna, the bartender, explained Winter Jack is a hard cider and that most people drink it on the rocks or mix it in with regular cider.

On the rocks for me please! 20131218-225452.jpg
Jack Daniels describes Winter Jack on its website as “a seasonal blend of apple cider liqueur, Jack Daniels Old No 7 Tennessee Whisky, and holiday spices.”

Winter Jack is smooth and has a subtle taste of cider. In fact, it’s flavor is more similar to a subtle apple juice. I am not a big hard cider fan, but Winter Jack I could drink regularly.

Winter Jack is only available for a limited time so make sure you pick up a bottle soon!

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