Food for Thought: The Good, the Bad, and the…EXCELLENT. Taking A New Approach To Food in 2014

The holidays have come and gone, and all our special holiday foods and recipes that we all love to prepare and eat and share have gone with them too. Maybe you’ve put away not just the holiday decorations, but too many christmas cookies over the past month too.

Even if you didn’t eat yourself into a cookie coma during the holidays, I’m sure you’ve noticed all the posts and articles about healthy New Year’s resolutions. Or it’s most likely your gym or favorite spin class is overcrowded with newbies who will only stick around for about a month; gym regulars, we know you’re frustrated, but some of those newbies might stick around and become regulars.

Today we are ten days into the new year and I’ve read too many posts and articles about weight loss and healthy, light versions of recipes. Don’t get me wrong, I have my own healthy eating goals and weight loss goals for this year too. However, this year I have a new healthy eating food goal, one that I know is going to be challenging for me as a person and for me as someone who regularly writes about food.

This year I will not villainize food; this year I will not dichotomize food into only “good” and “bad.”
Let me explain. If I’ve learned anything in my almost first year of food blogging, I’ve truly learned what “good” and “bad” food means.

“Good” food is excellent food made by people who pour their heart and soul into their dishes with the best ingredients and methods they know. This excellent food becomes an unforgettable experience; this food makes you understand what people mean when they say food is love.

“Bad” food is what is unhealthy for all of us – chemical laden, highly processed foods with ingredients we can’t identify, let alone pronounce.

And, that’s it.

My love of chocolate is not “bad,” nor is my love of warm, crusty bread, pasta, or cheese. Because that kind of notion of what’s “bad” for us leads to deprivation and unhealthy dieting and eating, in my opinion. Instead of using “good” and “bad,” this year I intend to focus on what’s “excellent” and on what’s “healthy.” This year I will not villainize. This year I look forward to food experiences that remind me of the love involved in my (and everyone’s) relationship with food.

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