My New Food Obsession: Stew Leonard’s Crogel

Have you ever had a day where a bagel sounds just too heavy and a croissant sounds just too light? The brilliant folks at Stew Leonard’s have provided an answer to this dilemma of which baked good to choose – the Crogel!

Crogels taste just as promised – buttery and flakey on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Created in the Norwalk location by Stew Leonard’s baker, Tania Portela, the Crogel is made by first shaping croissant dough into a bagel shape and size. Next, the dough is kettle boiled and then hearth baked.
Crogels have a buttery taste and the layered dough is reminiscent of a croissant, however when you bite into it, or cut in in half first and then take a bite, you’ll notice the outside is crusty like a bagel and the inside is chewy and airy like a croissant, but denser in consistency.
Stew Leonard’s Crogel is truly a hybrid of two of my favorite things – a bagel and a croissant. Crogels are made fresh daily and come packages of two in plain (pictured here) and multi-grain.
The Crogel debuted in early January at the Norwalk location, but is now available at all Stew Leonard’s locations!

Stew Leonard's on Urbanspoon

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