Lobster Hut in Milford Serves Up Lobster Rolls That Rival Cape Cod’s

It really is a simple dish if you think about it – all it requires is a soft roll or bun, butter, and fresh lobster…or lobstah. Yet, somehow it takes just the right skill to produce a lobster roll you want to tell everyone about, a lobster roll that reminds you of lobstah rolls in Cape Cod and Maine.

Are you nodding your head in agreement?

Are you saying, you have to go outside Connecticut for that type of lobster roll?

Well, not anymore!

There’s been a little buzz about a local Foodtruck and their lobster roll so I knew we had to check out Lobster Hut in Milford.

This is Lobster Hut’s “Extra-large Lobster Roll” which was described to us as essentially being the size of one and a half lobster rolls.20140726-141813.jpg

Let’s talk lobstah roll!

First – the buttah, I mean butter! If you know your lobster roll, you know that means a lot of butter and Lobster Hut has got it just right. The soft bun is buttery and lightly toasted. The Maine lobster is buttery and so, so fresh.

Aside from being fresh, the lobster was also a little sweet and expertly cooked by the very friendly Lobster Hut staff.

Lobster Hut serves up Maine lobster in several different forms aside from lobster rolls such as lobster salad and pickeled lobster. The menu also includes clam fritters, fish and chips, fish sandwich, hot dogs, onion rings, and fries.


Lobster Hut’s location is permanent (despite being a Foodtruck) and they do have several picnic tables with umbrellas so you can enjoy your food right away. Also, if your time is limited, you can call your order in. However, the constant line is short and moves quickly.

Are you craving a lobster roll now?

Hours: Tues-Fri 11-6pm; Sat, Sun 11:20-4pm

Lobster Hut
826 Bridgeport Ave
Milford, CT
(Located across the street from the Land Rover dealership and Stop and Shop)


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