Donut Underestimate the Power of a Mini Food Hiatus

A little over one month ago two of my friends announced they we’re going to do a Whole30 while also still following their macros (read more about their “Flexible Detoxing” journey here). 

Double wow. 

A third friend said, “C’mon let’s give up donuts for the month to show our support.”
“Okay,” I agreed. I was a little reluctant, I’m going to be honest. I mean I’m obsessed with donuts, but it was the right thing to do to support my friends, so I did it.

My weekly donut crew was going on 30 day hiatus. Eek. 

The first week was the hardest and it did get easier, but boy oh boy have I missed my weekly visit to Donut Crazy.

Tuesday marked the end, but I didn’t make it back until today (that makes it 34 days, I think).

What was it like eating a donut after a mini hiatus? 



Happiness IS a sweet treat.

The part I didn’t expect from the mini hiatus? 

I appreciated my donut so much more than I already would have this morning. I savored each bite. There were some moments of silence and reverence for my donut (The BLUE was all mine, read more below) as I ate it slowly with a giant smile on my face. 

These three are Donut Crazy’s newest seasonal specialty flavors:

Cherry Lemonade Stand (left): lemon center with cherry lemonade glaze topped with buttercream and maraschino cherry.

The BLUE (right): blueberry cake with blueberry glaze topped with buttercream and fresh blueberries.

Lemon Merinue (top):lemon center topped with bruleed marshmallow fluff, sugar crystals and a lemon candy fruit slice.

No, I didn’t eat all three by myself, but I did try all three and they’re all Savory Sweet Eat (aka Kim) approved! 

Don’t forget Donut Crazy has two locations: 

3690 Main Street
Stratford, CT 06614 (Paradise Green)


785 River Road 
Shelton, CT 06484 (Across from Sports Center of Connecticut)

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