What shall I say about me? I am Kim. A literature teacher and self-proclaimed food critic. A wife and friend. A mom to two pups. I believe I have a healthy addiction to shoes, books, sweets, and instagram. Oh, and I love Martha Stewart because she inspires me with her classic simplistic perfection, and the Cooking Channel because I am clearly interested in food.

Let’s be honest, I am obsessed with good food and good dessert (yes, it requires its own category). I think about it and talk about it constantly. Food makes me happy, and really good food makes me giddy – hand clapping, large-grin-on-my-face kind of happy.

But it isn’t just the food itself, it’s also the feelings which accompany a good meal that make me smile – a connection with my Great Grandma Stella when I make her cookie recipe, a new place for date night with my husband, time spent with friends at our favorite food spots, and that sense of accomplishment when I rock that new recipe (even if it took a few tries to get it right).

I love to bake but I never learned how to cook, so I am a “cook in training,” which basically means I eat out A LOT. When you don’t know how to cook and you eat out frequently, you often ask “Where to eat?” This question is a constant challenge, as I know most of you will agree, whether deciding where to grab a quick bite, have a date night, or spend time with friends. My lack of cooking knowledge means I have the ability to recommend where to get the best of whatever you’re craving.

Why a Connecticut food blog you ask? I was born and raised in Connecticut, so many of these places, especially in the southern part of the state, I have frequented over the years. As a recent graduate student at a New York City university my love for good food was further encouraged as I explored different places to eat around the city, and I found myself inspired by so many fantastic NYC food blogs. I began to search online for similar food blogs for Connecticut, and I did not find ANY that were informative or helped me decide where to eat. I was so bummed, but then – Voilà! I decided to create my own blog so I can share my food finds with you! I hope to help you decide where to eat, where to bring your loved ones for a special meal, where to join friends for some good food and good times, and some recipes and gadgets to enjoy along the way as well.

So welcome reader, and thank you for joining me on my weekly adventures as I review CT restaurants and food spots I LOVE, and my “bon appétempts” or new recipes I am trying out.

Bon appétite (or “appétempt”)!



Disclosure Policy

All the opinions expressed on my blog are my own. I am not paid for my reviews, nor do I receive any complimentary products, services, or tickets in exchange for my opinions. I am in no way responsible for the effects of my advice and opinions, and I suggest my readers decide for themselves. All my posts aim to cover restaurants, dishes, recipes, and products fairly and honestly.

This blog contains links to other websites and blogs. All external links contain content which is not endorsed or controlled by this blog. All information that you submit on other websites is done so at your own risk.

I welcome feedback and assistance in updating the information on this blog if you find updates or errors. Please contact me through savoryandsweeteats@gmail.com.

All the photos in my posts are my own (and taken with my iphone) unless I indicate otherwise.


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