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Wine Tasting at Cafe Atlantique

As often as we ask ourselves the question, “Where should we go to eat?”, we also find ourselves asking “What should we do this weekend?” I saw Café Atlantique’s Facebook post about their wine tasting event at the end of March and I immediately knew what we were doing – we were going wine tasting! […]


And The Liebster Award Goes To…

Last Friday I baked Paula Deen’s Chocolate Gooey Butter Cookies to my heart’s content and wrote a little post. The following morning I awoke to a LOT of love from people who enjoyed reading about those little bitefuls of delicious chocolaty gooeyness. And the love continued throughout a particularly stressful day, and I was so […]


Food Obsession: Yogurt Covered Snacks

My new food obsession this week is…..(drumroll, please)…. yogurt covered pretzels and peanuts I’m sure you’ve all heard of yogurt covered raisins and pretzels. They’re easy to find in most grocery stores. But have you ever had yogurt covered peanuts? Yup, yogurt covered peanuts. They are quite addictive. What I like about yougurt covered peanuts, […]