Decadent & Delicious Desserts

Opening Next Week In Newtown: Cherries

  I was driving along Route 25 today and what did I spy? A new sweet shop that’s opening soon in Newtown – Cherries Cupcakes & Treats! When I pulled in the parking lot to snap this photo the owner came out to say hello. She was so friendly she even offered that I peek inside the shop. Cherries will […]


Celebrating With A Cupcake

Envision a moist chocolate cake cupcake, the kind you think about when you are craving a piece of chocolate cake. Now fill the center with peanut butter frosting filling, and cover the top with half peanut butter and half chocolate frosting surrounded by a halo of peanut butter chips. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Say hello […]


I say cannoli, you say…ice cream?!

Try envisioning cannolis and ice cream. Ben and Jerry’s did, and they created a limited edition flavor called, you guessed it, Cannoli. It’s so limited people are tweeting about it when they find the flavor to #findcannoli. I first heard about this flavor about two weeks ago. A friend of a friend posted a  photo of a […]