Some of My Favorite Things

My New Food Quest: Pain au chocolat in CT

Several months ago very good friends of ours traveled to Paris. Long story short, there was a case of missing car keys somewhere between New York and Paris airports and our friends were faced with being stranded in New York on the way home with no way to get into their car they had parked […]


Ebelskivers – it’s what’s for breakfast!

Say it with me: Ebelskivers (“able-skeevers”). Essentially bite-sized pancakes, Ebelskivers can be made either plain or filled with sweet or savory ingredients. A traditional Danish snack or dessert, Ebelskivers are often served for Christmas and social gatherings. My cookbook Ebelskivers: Filled Pancakes and Other Mouthwatering Miniatures, by Kevin Crafts, even includes the legend of their […]