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Wine Tasting at Café Atlantique

 I’ve made my reservations, have you? On March 23rd from 6-8pm Café Atlantique will be hosting their next event in their wine tasting series Winter Meets Spring: The Land Down Under. We went with friends for our first wine tasting at Café Atlantique a few months ago and we really enjoyed trying some new wines and having […]


My Favorite French Martini is at Molto

Shaken, stirred, it doesn’t matter to me as long as I’m having a French martini at Molto Wine Bar in Fairfield. I’m not a fan of dirty martinis, I prefer the sweet versions when I’m drinking martinis (no, not for all drinks, just martinis really). And yes,  the wine selection at Molto Wine Bar  is extensive and their food […]


I say cannoli, you say…ice cream?!

Try envisioning cannolis and ice cream. Ben and Jerry’s did, and they created a limited edition flavor called, you guessed it, Cannoli. It’s so limited people are tweeting about it when they find the flavor to #findcannoli. I first heard about this flavor about two weeks ago. A friend of a friend posted a  photo of a […]