Your Salad Dressing Will Thank You For This Gadget

Do you end up grabbing the whole salad dressing bottle and stuffing it in your lunch bag when you pack a salad? I usually do! I’ve tried the little Tupperware-style containers before, but they really aren’t that little so portion control can be tricky. But look what I found in the grocery store last week!This […]


Food for Thought: “Water, water, everywhere”

Water, water, everywhere,     And all the boards did shrink;     Water, water, everywhere,     Nor any drop to drink.         –  Coleridge, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, 1798 Water. H2O. “Water, water, everywhere.” I often wondered where that saying came from, and I didn’t realize it was from Coleridge until recently.  Our bodies are made […]