Robeks’ NEW Hawaiin Acaí Bowls Are Here For A Limited Time

   I find smoothies to be an easy way to regularly add more fruits and vegetables into my diet, but every so often I need a little something extra. Sometimes the smoothies alone just don’t fill me up or I’m more in the mood to eat rather than drink my food. Does anyone else also […]


Catch Robeks Melon and Mint Smoothies Before They’re Gone!

Robeks special seasonal smoothies are here until September 28th and you don’t want to miss them! (Photo from Made from primarily locally sourced produce, Robeks is offering three seasonal smoothies: Cantaloupe Cooler made with fresh cantaloupe, fresh mint, pineapple chunks, 100% natural orange juice, pineapple sorbet, and a splash of apple juice. Wailea Watermelon […]