Dunkin’ Donuts Soon To Offer Gluten-Free Options!

Have you heard the news? Dunkin’ Donuts is going to offer gluten-free cinnamon sugar donuts and blueberry muffins by the end of this year! These two gluten-free options will be pre-packaged to prevent cross contamination.

Bloomberg.com reports that Dunkin’ has recently tested the products in some Massachusetts locations and has received such a great response they plan to have the gluten-free products in all their stores nationwide.  Dunkin’s gluten-free doughnuts are set to be priced at $1.89 and $2.39 for the muffins.




This photo is from the blog Gluten Free and Me in Boston, which also offers a taste review of both the cinnamon sugar gluten-free donut and the gluten-free blueberry muffin.

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